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    With the holidays coming up, there are always parties to plan, and people to be in touch with. It also includes a lot of travel, planning ahead, and people being hard to get ahold of. I have always loved the practicality of e-vites, for these reasons. People always have their phones, which means they can get their emails anywhere and anytime these days. However, I never felt like e-vites had the same impact and intentionality as a paper invite. That is until I came across Paperless Post.


    Paperless Post makes beautiful and intentional invites simple and effortless. They are absolutely stunning, and completely customizable. They even open like a normal card when you open the email. It is about as close to a paper invite that you can get without the paper. It makes getting together for special occasions almost too easy.

    Back in March my sister and I both found out that we were pregnant, and we were both due on November 19th. That is something that couldn’t have been planned even if we tried. Since it was her first child, I knew that I wanted to throw a very special baby shower for her, but also knew that I needed to be realistic and  find ways to make it simple since I was also dealing with a pregnancy and a 2 year old.

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    My mom and I decided to tackle the party together, and were able to pull off a simple and sweet party to shower the sweetest couple. Here is the process in which we began planning the party, and tips and tricks we used to keep it manageable.

    1. Pick a theme or inspiration: The first thing we did was tried to find some inspiration to plan the party around. Since it was a “couple’s shower,” we wanted to keep it very simple and laid back. My brother in law even said, “I have never been to a baby shower before, and I would love to still feel like that after this.” We decided to go with a natural theme. Lots of raw wood, greenery, and natural elements. So plants were our main inspiration.
    2. Think about Guest List: Who you have attending your event may affect the venue, food, decor, and activities. Again, since it was a couple’s shower, and some children were there as well, we decided to forego any typical baby shower games, and instead have corn hole and other yard games for people to be able to play.Planning a Party | Baby Shower | Simple Party Decor | Party Tips | Paperless Post | The Everyday Simple
    3. Choose the time of day: Depending on the amount of people, the nature of the event, and the amount of food you want to be responsible is typically what decides the time of the event. We knew that we had a good bit of out of town people, and the party was on a Sunday afternoon. Also, a baby shower is typically less formal, and we didn’t want to have to provide an entire meal, so we decided on an open house from 1-4 with snack and finger foods.
    4. Send out Invites: As soon as who, what, when, and where decisions are made, invites should be the next to happen. People are so busy these days, so the earlier they know about things the better. Paperless Post allowed me to create and send out invites to 53 people in less than 2 hours. I didn’t have to order them, wait for them to come in, address them, stamp them, lick them, and send them. I literally just created a beautiful “plant inspired” invite from one of their pre-made templates, changed the details, entered email addresses, and hit send! And like I mentioned before, the quality and detail is incredible. The e-vite comes in an “envelope” that you open when you open the email.Planning a Party | Baby Shower | Simple Party Decor | Party Tips | Paperless Post | The Everyday Simple
    5. Plan Food: Food is something that can be so tricky for parties. It can be so easy to overdo in fear or not having enough. My biggest tip in this is to not put too much pressure on yourself and don’t try to make everything yourself. For instance, we bought Publix’s incredible Chantilly Cake and pre-made BBQ from Costco for BBQ sliders, but then we made some homemade bread and a fruit tray. My theory is why make something myself when someone has already made it perfectly?
    6. Decor: When it comes to decorating for a party, the first thing I do is look through all of the stuff that I have, and even look around the house for things that I could use. It is amazing what you’ll find if you are looking and can be creative. There is absolutely nothing wrong with streamers and banners that you buy at the party store or Target, but odds are that the things that you have in your home are going to be of higher quality and bring a unique look to the party. Also, don’t feel the need to overdo it. Understated is almost always better than overdone.
    7. Personal Touches: The final thing I focus on when planning a party is the final personal touches. I love the familiarity and intentionality in this. This could be anything from pictures to a sentimental piece. We were able to have a pram that my brother in law’s mother had when she was a child, baby pictures, and I had a picture commission of the two of them. It just makes the event feel that much more personal and special. Meant for them.Planning a Party | Baby Shower | Simple Party Decor | Party Tips | Paperless Post | The Everyday Simple

    When you put so much work into planning a party, all you hope is that people show up, enjoy themselves, and whoever you are throwing it for feels loved. That’s another reason that I love Paperless Post. It is so easy to track the RSVPs, and it even sends you, as the host, reminders to send out RSVP reminders as the date gets closer. Unlike with paper invites where once it’s sent, you hope people will RSVP, and there isn’t an easy way to remind them of the event unless you reach out to each person individually.

    So cheers to a season of get togethers and parties, and double cheers to finding ways to make it that much easier to do so!

    *This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Paperless Post. The opinions and text are all mine.



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