the knot we all want.


A simple bracelet. That’s what this is all about.

I went to a wedding this past weekend, and when choosing my jewelry I stumbled across a parchment wrapped box, with a beautiful simple bracelet resting inside. I had forgotten about it tucked away behind my jewelry box, and considering where it came from, it was the perfect choice to wear that day.

My sister is my best friend. We have been close since the get go. Last year we both got married. In the same year. Actually, just a month apart from one another. Yes, that was a whirlwind of a 6 months. At the beginning of the engagements, there were definitely some not so sweet moments. I mean one wedding in a family is enough to make people go crazy, but come on, two? What were we thinking? Good question. I couldn’t tell you what we were thinking, but I sure can tell you what I’m thinking now.

Those few months definitely had their difficulties. Between the showers, rehearsals, traveling, and DIY crafting, there was a lot going on to say the least. But guess who never let that stop her from being at every single one of my celebrations? My sister. She was there. Present. Fully in. I have never felt someone love me as much as she did during that time. She was the one who went dress shopping with me. She was the one who came up a week early and made all my centerpieces. She was the the one who made all the boutonnieres for the handsome groomsmen. She was the one who made me care about things at the end when I was ready to just call it a day. She was the one who made my wedding day perfect and beautiful. She was the one who did this all while planning her own wedding on top of it. Now that is love. That is loyalty. And that is service.

The simple beautiful bracelet that I pulled from the box that day was the bracelet my sister gave me on the day she asked me to be her maid of honor. I loved it at the time and thought that it was such a fun and creative way to ask all her special people to stand with her on that day. Now I cherish that bracelet. Not just because it is pretty, but because of the reminder it is to me. Every time I wear that bracelet I am reminded of the sweet sister I have, and the sweet time we shared during our wedding seasons. We were brought so much closer through that time and shared things we never would have if we had not been engaged at the same time.

The bracelet has a small knot in the middle of it. It is to represent “tying the knot” between her and her stud. I love him, so I’m glad they have their own knot, but I now see this knot as ours. Sister to sister. And how our knot was tightened through that time. Our sisterhood made stronger.

We all worry too much about ourselves, our events, and our time. We often let it get in the way of important things and sometimes even let it burn bridges. Why do we do this? Why can we only think of ourselves so often? We need to shift our thinking. Our purpose is people. Loving people, spending time with people, and serving people. Thankfully I have had someone in my life who has taught me this. Don’t let selfish ambitions untie your knots. Think about it: is ________ worth loosening a knot with this person I care about? Probably not.


She’s always been the one to support me.

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