St. Augustine


last week we went to florida for a refresher.

it started off with me going down for a girls weekend with my best friends before we sent off one of the girls on an adventure for the summer. goodman drove down at the end of the weekend & was able to spend the week with me & faye at the beach. [one of the many benefits he has working from home!] it was definitely what we needed after such a huge month of transitions. not only did i get to spend time with my girlfriends, but i also got some much desired time with my family, & even a few dates with my sweet man.

between days at the beach, drives down the coast, italian ice, kayaking, shrimp, & sangria, i’d say faye’s first vacation was a success. i am excited about the many more to come. it does everyone a whole lot of good to get away for a bit, but it always feels so good to come home.

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