I’ll trade ya


yesterday my sister in law and i did a baby swap. it’s exactly what it sounds like. i dropped my baby off at her house, picked her baby up, and away we went. it’s amazing how different it is taking care of someone else’s child. it’s so there is energy and patience that isn’t there with your own babes sometimes. it’s a change of scenery when you feel like you see the same thing all the time. it’s good to mix things up a bit sometimes, and i definitely think it is important to form relationships without mom around sometimes, and just do your own thing.

i got to hang out with 14 month old denver rhodes for the day. this little boy has more energy, spunk, and personality than anyone i know, and i absolutely adore it is amazing to see how much they change in just one short year. they go from being a tiny babe to a little person. they go from being completely dependent to fairly independent. it’s such a fun age to observe. it’s also really interesting to see the difference between boys and girls. i’m used to a gentle and dramatic little girl, where denver is a rough and determined little boy.

i would strongly encourage everyone with kiddos to try this at least once. yesterday was so successful, we have talked about doing this a couple times a month. not only did it make me thankful for a break from my usual day, but it also made me thankful for my usual day. it was so fun playing outside with denver, but i missed laying on the couch snuggling with my babe. it was entertaining to talk with someone that can actually understand and interact, but i missed the little coos and gurgles. it was amusing to watch denver explore and entertain himself, but i missed watching faye take in everything around her as if she had never seen it before. cliche or not, you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. so let your babes go for a day, and you will be reminded of just how wonderful they are.

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