6 months worth of goodies.

In just a few short days, Faye is going to be 7 months old! I can’t even believe it. She is scooting, getting ready to crawl, starting to pull up on things, and already starting to get into everything.

Here is a compilation of all of my favorite products that we have used since Faye was born. Trust me, this list is worth taking a look at. They are things that made life easier, safer, and just a little bit more fun.


Skwish: Incredible wooden toy that offers hours of entertainment to the little one, while serving as a teether. Extremely portable and aesthetically pleasing. [read my full blog review here]


Play gym: Great starting around 2 months. Encourages reaching and pulling. Stimulates baby with primary colors. However, it doesn’t look like a big bulky baby toy in the corner of your living room. Great to lay the baby under while you cook dinner, do laundry, or drink your glass of wine. Even now, Faye sits in front of it and plays with all the different pieces.


Jelly Cat Bunny: Faye’s uncle got her the sweetest bunny when she was born. She now sleeps with it every night, and snuggles it to fall asleep. She also was given a sweet mini bunny rattle that she takes in the car with her. These stuffed animals are so soft, and beautiful. I don’t mind having them lying around my house one bit!

Teething elephant: This is the first “toy” I bought Faye. It was a $3 impulse buy, I’ll admit. She was beginning to teeth, and chewing on EVERYTHING, so I decided to buy her something that I was actually okay with her eating. Not only is this very portable, but it is easy for her little hands to grasp. Definitely a good go to for a teether.


BOB stroller: This is absolutely the best stroller. We decided to get the Revolution CE model, because not only is it a jogger, but it is also great for “urban” cruising. The front wheel swivels and can be locked in place for running. Also, it is significantly shorter in length compared to the average BOB. Because of this, it has been a great all around stroller. Not only is it perfect for walking, jogging, and hiking, but it is also great for errands, and city walking. Depending on the carseat you have, there are attachments you can buy in order to use the carseat with it.


Ergo: Excellent baby carrier. Perfect in the kitchen, on the trails, or at the farmer’s market. Great for mom or dad. The carrier is designed to position the baby’s legs in the best possible position for blood flow, as well as great support for your back. Very easy to put on and take off. Additional infant insert is available for when baby is too small to sit in the carrier on their own.

Pacifier clip: Beautiful wooden clip, that is also great for teething. [read my full blog review here]


Pacifier: Faye has always taken a pacifier, and we have tried them all, but this one has been our favorite. This was the only pacifier that Faye didn’t constantly try to spit out. Also, because it is a round nipple, she quickly learned how to put in back in her mouth, since it did not have to be put in a certain way. We also love the old fashioned look of it!

Aden + Anais swaddlers: Beautiful, simple, lightweight blankets. Great for anything and everything. Everyone needs a pack of these.

Moses basket: Pretty  and convenient. Take it outside, put it in the living room, keep it by your bed. Faye slept in this until she was about 4 months old. When we moved her into her room, we actually put her in this, in her crib, to transition. It is also a great sleeping option when traveling. [this is not the exact one we have, but similar]

Cart cover: This has been a lifesaver. Now that Faye can sit up, she can sit in the cart, and sit in a highchair when we go out to eat! This just adds a little cushion, prevents her from slipping, and keeps her from putting her mouth all over the cart and highchair. It also has little loops that you can connect toys to in order to provide some entertainment. [this is not the exact one we have, but similar]

Burt’s Bees bedding: These are the softest sheets around. We have the organic cotton sheets and the organic cotton changing pad cover, and we love them both. Faye’s nursery is pretty neutral, so we got the blossom color, which adds a feminine touch, without the shade of pink taking over the room.

Highchair: Simple highchair. Doesn’t take up much space in the dining room, while allowing Faye to be apart of meals. [read my full blog review here]



Diaper pail: Come on, what more do I have to say about this. Who wants their house to smell like dirty diapers?

Diaper bag dispenser: Even more so, who wants to be the person out in public that smells like poop? Hide the stench, even on the go!

Nose Frida: This is the best thing when the baby has a cold with congestion. Truly, it is the only thing that we have found to work. We use this with a saline solution.

Aveeno Eczema: Faye was starting to show early signs of eczema. After we got this lotion, and put it on her every night, we haven’t had an issue since!

Gripe Water: When Faye was younger, she would eat so fast, and give herself the hiccups. Because she was taking in so much air, it would often cause her to throw up. Gripe water is a natural remedy used to get rid of the hiccups, as well as helping with colic and gas. It is made up of fennel and ginger. [this is my favorite brand because it doesn’t have to be refrigerated after opening, so I can just keep it in the diaper bag!]

Camilla drops: All natural teething remedy. Numbs the gums. Works like a dream.


Beech Nut: I always said I was going to make my own food, but in reality, I didn’t. I love Beech Nut baby food. Not only is it all natural, but it offers so many great combinations of fruits and vegetables. There is spinach, pumpkin, kale, guava, beets, pomegranate, and even quinoa. I love that Faye is experiencing these flavors early on.


Dr. Brown’s bottles: These have been our favorite bottles by far. They remove the air from the nipple as the baby is drinking, therefore preventing excess air and gas. Personally, I like the bottles with the larger neck, because it is easier to scoop the formula into them.

Teething biscuits: These organic biscuits are great for the teething baby. They satisfy the urge to bite and chew on things, while they slowly dissolve in your baby’s mouth. They are great entertainment as well, I just put the baby in the highchair, because they can get a bit messy!

Hope this helps at least some of you, and let me know what some of your favorite things were and are for your baby!

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