Nashville, TN: Frothy Monkey

frothy monkeyFrothy Monkey.

To a Nashville native, that’s all you have to say to cause their mouth to water and bring a smile to their face.

Frothy Monkey was one of the first coffeehouse concepts brought to Nashville in 2004. Whether you need a place to work for the day, or grab a bite to eat, it is now one of the most well known coffee spots in the area. With four locations now, they strive to serve their neighborhoods with the best creativity, hospitality, and quality.

Not only do they have every kind of coffee made in every way, but they have a welcoming menu with simple and delicious food. They also serve a variety of wine, beer, and specialty cocktails. They’ve got it all figured out.

Besides the food and coffee being phenomenal, my favorite part about Frothy Monkey is who they are. They are welcoming. They are authentic. They are comfortable. They are relational. They are so focused on creating the best experience for their customers, and that is very evident as soon as you walk in the door. I highly encourage everyone to go to one of their locations if you ever pass through Nashville. I promise it will be well worth the time!

Drink of choice: Rosemary honey latte

Food of choice: Bob [whole grain pancakes, house-made syrup, choice of 2 sides]

3 down : 47 to go

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