How to choose contentment.

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“Be grateful for what you have and you will always have enough.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita

Since we started dating, Goodman has always told me, “stay where your feet are.” Honestly, it used to annoy me whenever he would say it, because I am such a dreamer, and the grass ALWAYS look greener on the other side to me, so I rarely want to stay where I am. I always have grand plans and ideas of what we can do and an action plan of how we are going to get there. As great as that may be sometimes, it can tend to make me very discontent. So often I am ready to move to what’s next, as opposed to enjoying where we are in the moment. However, it takes the joy out of the present stage because I am always anticipating the next.

Having Faye has helped me try to enjoy each stage. I have been told countless times how fast they grow up, and I have tried so hard to enjoy every developmental milestone with her where she is as opposed to always looking forward towards the next. However, I still have to remind myself to stay where I am every single day.

Over the past few months, our family has been going through a lot of transition. There has only been short spurts of stability, and as a problem solver and dreamer, I keep telling myself that once we get to the next stage, we will be comfortable. The problem with doing this, is that then I am constantly looking at our current situation as if it’s not good enough. Always hoping that something better will come around the next turn. It’s living in anticipation and not in the present.

Well, I am done with that. Or at least trying to be. Our family has decided that from now on, we are going to live like this is as good as it’s going to get. If we never make more than we are now, or if Goodman’s commute and hours never get better, then that’s okay. That’s what we have to work with, and we are going to make the most of the time and money that we do have. And honestly, I can live with that.

I decided to redesign my blog months ago, and just never finished it. My biggest hang up was as to what post I wanted to start it off with. Today I decided that instead of waiting around for the perfect words and revolutionary topic to launch my new blog, I would just move forward, share what’s going on in our lives, and hope you all join along for the ride.

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    The words are beautifully written, but that sweet picture keeps distracting my attention! You share such wisdom….wish we could have raised kids together! But since your mine…. I guess that would never work . ?

    April 12, 2016 at 4:37 am
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