Kinderfeets for the Win


You know those gifts you receive that you remember forever? I think this is one of those for Faye.

For her birthday, Faye received a Kinderfeets bike from her Aunt and Uncle. We were anticipating it taking a few months before she would be able to use it, but much to our surprise, within a few days, she was riding it like a pro.

Kinderfeets is an amazing alternative to a standard tricycle for children. It is actually a pushbike. There are no pedals, and she uses her feet to move the bike. Faye can’t even walk yet, and she walks on this bike all over the house and yard. She has probably logged more hours on this than with any other toy she has. The developmental milestones that I feel like she has reached since having this bike are amazing. Everyday she gets a little more sturdy, faster, and better at steering. Once she is older, and comfortable with the trike, we can convert it to a two wheeler. Since the hardest thing about riding a bike is getting the balance down, when they begin with this 2 wheeled push bike, they learn the balance part of riding, and it makes the transition that much smoother.

My favorite thing to see with this though, is the confidence and independence that it has given her. Now she can zoom all over the house wherever she wants to go. Now when we go on walks, she gets to do something on her own, and somewhat be in control of where she goes. I love finding things for her to do that give her a sense of independence. As much as I love being with her and there for her everyday, there are going to be times in her life when I can’t always be there. I think if we start building the foundation now, and letting her do things and struggle through things on her own, she will be better for it in the future.


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