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Some of our favorite people in the world live across the country. As much as we would love to live near them, we love the long weekends that we do get together when the trip is made. And thankfully, we do get to see them pretty often due to family occasions, and well just because.

While they were here this past time, we decided to go out for Sunday brunch. I mean, when is brunch not a good idea? We went to a sweet little restaurant in downtown and snacked on chicken and waffles while we sipped mimosas and watched the thunderstorm roll in. It was dreamy. We even scored the corner couch seating, which is always a win when we have Faye with us.

Ever since she was brand new, we have tried to take Faye along with us no matter what we are doing. We want to expose her to all kinds of experiences so that she will be flexible and able to roll with whatever as she grows older. She’s dined in some of the nicest restaurants in SF, been to museums, professional football games, wineries, and even gone golfing. Thankfully, her demeanor has given us the ability to do this, but even as she gets older, she continues to amaze us at how adaptable she really is.

The other day at brunch was no different. Of course there are times that she gets impatient, doesn’t want to sit in her highchair, or pulls the napkins and silverware off the table, but all things considered she does really well. Our biggest thing we have tried to do is to make her feel apart of whatever we are doing. We want her to sit at the table with us, in her own chair like we are all doing. We want her to eat the same delicious food we are enjoying. We want her to be apart of the conversation and engage in the time spent with the people we love.

I think the thing that has helped us the most is just to be prepared. We always have some cheerios to pop in front of her if she gets impatient, and we always have a spare bottle. We typically don’t bring toys for her anymore, only because she would much rather engage with us than a toy, so it usually just ends up on the floor. I feel like the more we just bring her into our environment, the better she does. The more we treat her like just another person, instead of an inconvenience or hinderance, the more we all enjoy ourselves.

There are definitely times that staying home would have been easier, and don’t get me wrong, she is not perfectly behaved, but experiences together mean too much to us not to take the chance. I think that it is good for all of us to be stretched a little sometimes, and we just hope that it will pay off in the long run.

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    What joy you bring to me! I am just in awe of this little family and all those who love them.

    May 18, 2016 at 4:47 pm
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