Making my way downtown, in Greenville.

DSC_0452DSC_0411DSC_0396DSC_0404DSC_0445DSC_0410DSC_0391DSC_0661DSC_0386Hey guys! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like last week lasted FOREVER. Thankfully, it’s already Wednesday, and come Friday morning we are peacing out for the weekend! I don’t know if there is anything I love quite as much as a vacation. Especially a much anticipated one. To me, it doesn’t really matter where we are going, I just absolutely love getting away and making memories as a family.

Since I should be packing, I decided to procrastinate instead and write about our last trip! At the beginning of May, we were fortunate to have a little time off of work, so we decided to get away for a little mid-week trip to Greenville. It’s such an easy drive, so we packed up the car on Monday morning, buckled the baby in for a nap, and were on our way. We got there by lunch time on Monday, and stayed until dinner on Wednesday. It was literally a dream.

Goodman and I talked about it, and we decided that it was by far one of the best get aways that we have ever had together as a family. It wasn’t anything extravagant, however we did get to stay in the Westin Poinsett downtown which was gorgeous, and we were able to do all the things we wanted to do without feeling rushed and overwhelmed. Because of Greenville’s size, and the location of our hotel, we were able to walk pretty much everywhere. Because we weren’t wasting time in the car traveling, our days felt so much longer. We came back to the hotel when naps were needed, ate our way through the streets, ran through the park, and even got to connect with some family. I think the fact that there were no expectations were what made it so enjoyable. It was such a refreshing and encouraging time for our little family.

I’m going to post some of the best places we visited while we were there!


Sully’s Steamers: Great for lunch. Literally the most amazing, melt in your mouth, bagel sandwiches.

Tupelo Honey Cafe: One of our all time favorites. They have a sweet potato pancake as big as your face, and serve free biscuits. Always a winner in my book. Also, we can never pass up buying some of their honey while we are there.


Soby’s: Incredible seafood. We had the shrimp & grits and the crab cake. Neither of them disappointed, but the crab cakes were to die for.

Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse: So this one is a little outside of the downtown area, but so worth the drive. This place has the most incredible crepes I have ever had in my life. And I really mean that. I may make another day trip ASAP just for the Lumberjack. It’s the name of a crepe, not a man 😉



Methodical Coffee: Right in the heart of downtown, incredible atmosphere, and the best Chai in town. *read more on it here


Port City Java: Excellent iced coffee. Didn’t need any of the bells and whistles to be delicious. However I did get a shot of hazelnut and it was perfecto.


Spill the Beans: We are biased, because Goodman and I had our first date here, but this place is the bomb. It is located right on the edge of Falls Park, and has the most excellent mixed coffee drinks and ice-cream. Cool place to grab a cup and stay for awhile. Also has great indoor and outdoor seating.


Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse: Yes, I already put them under food, but they have the most scrumptious Honey Lavender Latte. Yes, you read that correctly. Might as well get it while you are there getting your crepe, but it’s worth taking another trip out too. 😉



Greenville Zoo: Such a sweet little zoo. Great if you have little kids especially. It took us about an hour and a half, but we were able to walk the entire thing at our own pace. Also, it has a ton of trees covering the path, so not only is it a pretty walk, but it is nice and shaded. And it’s only like 9 bucks, score! Does anyone else feel like zoos usually charge an arm and a leg?

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Dark Corner Distillery: Located right in downtown, they offer Moonshine tastings for $4. For that you get to try 6 different kinds, and even keep the tasting glass. It is located in the coolest building from the 20’s, and their moonshine is delicious. I don’t usually like anything that strong, but the flavors they have are one of a kind for sure.

Falls Park: This is the gem of Greenville. This park starts with nature trails that are great for running, hiking, and biking, and leads you right to all sorts of shops and restaurants. Not to mention there is literally a waterfall located right at the center of it. The landscaping is stunning, and there is always a spot to lay a blanket, have a picnic and just park yourself for the day. It is a place where everyone comes together. People are throwing the football, playing ball with their dogs, reading to their kids, and training for a marathon. It’s what bring everyone together and connects them all. I would move there just for this park.



You see that white duck right in front of Goodman? Yeah, that duck had just tried to drown another duck. It was pretty traumatizing. I made Goodman throw rocks at it, and it distracted him long enough to let the other little one escape. True story.

Well, hope this convinced you to throw your baby, or your best friend in the car and go to Greenville for the weekend, because I promise you won’t regret it!

Anyone else been to Greenville? What are your favorite spots?





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