Orange Beach & Gulf Shores 


So we just got back from spending Memorial Day weekend in Orange Beach. At first when Goodman recommended that we go spend the weekend at the beach in Alabama, I was pretty skeptical, but I am so glad that we did. The Gulf was absolutely stunning.

For starters, even though it was a holiday weekend, since it isn’t a huge tourist spot, it wasn’t miserably crowded. You know when you go somewhere and there is no room in the pool to swim, or no place to lay your towel out at the beach? Thankfully we didn’t have to deal with that at all.

A few months back, Goodman and I decided that it would do our little family a lot of good if we were to go on a family vacation. We looked all over and settled on Orange Beach. Goodman grew up going to visit his grandmother on Ono Island, which is located right next to Orange Beach. I am always excited when I get opportunities to see into pieces of Goodman’s life that I haven’t seen before, so we found a spot to stay and booked the trip. We stayed at the Perdido Beach Resort. It exceeded my expectations for sure.

The pool was never crowded, it was very well maintained, and almost always had live music being played. Our favorite spot though was down on their private beach. They had chaise lounges you could rent for the day, and miles of snow white sand and crystal blue water. It really was one of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve been to in the states.

Our days consisted of playing on the beach, afternoon naps on the beach, reading a lot (I finished a whole book!), and even working out some. We cleaned up a little and then went out to eat both nights, and ended the evenings back on the pool decks listening to the live music. It was perfectly relaxing, and exactly what we had hoped for in this trip.

Our favorite place that we ate at while we were there was called The Gulf. Here are more pictures and information about it. Trust me, you want to see. It was dreamy.

Anyway, all I have left to say is this. Trips and vacations can be hard sometimes. Financially, logistically, and physically. The baby never sleeps as well, their schedule is thrown off, you spend money on eating out and extra activities/entertainment, and it takes a lot of planning and prep to get everyone ready to be gone for any significant amount of time. However, the quality time spent together is almost always worth it. At least for us. There is no amount of inconveniences that would make me want to take back the weekend that we had together as a family, and the memories that we will cherish. I get it, nothing about it is easy, but it is almost always well well worth it.

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