What to get dad for Father’s Day


Guys, my baby. Oh my goodness. She was so little! These were taken the day she was born while we were in the hospital. Her uncle took these and decided if would be fun to make us wait a year until we were allowed to see them, but they were well worth the wait. Here are just a few of the pictures, and I will have to share more with you all another time, but ain’t nobody got time for that right now!

As you can see, Goodman and Faye have had an incredible connection from the get go. The way he stares at her with his adoring eyes, and the way she yearns for him while he is away. Seriously, all day long this is my soundtrack, “dadadada, ball? Bird? dadada”. The sweetness of their relationship is incomparable to anything I’ve ever witnessed. They love one another so well, and I am so thankful.

Well, it’s finally the weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited about that. We are going to go to the lake, a movie in the park, hit up the Botanical Gardens, and Faye and I are going to do some Father’s Day shopping. I love having a day to recognize and celebrate all the fathers and men in our lives who have shaped us and played a part in getting us to where we are today.

The hardest thing for me about buying gifts for Goodman is that he doesn’t ask for many things, and he isn’t much help when I ask him what he wants. It’s not easy, let me tell ya. Even more so though, I have a hard time thinking of something that will benefit just him. Not me, not Faye, but him. Something that is solely for his enjoyment alone. Like if I was to get him a puppy for Fathers day, the intentions may be questionable 😉

Anyways, here is my brainstormed list of gift ideas:

This mug is great for the dad on the go. It is stainless steel and vacuum sealed so it will keep his coffee hot FOR-EV-ER.

The perfect gift to give dad would be a day in the woods alone, with this Eno. All you need is this hammock and two trees. Perfection. (*get him the double-nest.  Then you can snuggle in with. Shh.. don’t tell him that’s why you got it though.)

The fanciest grill set I ever did see.

Organization and efficiency at its best. Gorgeous bamboo charging station.

Handmade leather wallet. Goodman can’t stand when his wallet protrudes from his back pocket, the slim fit of this one is a every skinny jean wearing man’s dream.

Reading made easier on the Kindle. Maybe this will encourage him to read more!

Help him feel fly with a new pair of Nikes. Sugar, sugar how you get so fly?

I believe that looking at this clock in the morning will make it a little easier to get up.

For the biking dad. Now he can bike at all hours of the day and shine bright as he does it.

Enjoy oldies and newsies with this classic record player.

For the outdoorsy dad. This Jet Boil will knock his socks off. Seriously, one of the highest rated pieces of camping equipment.

Now, some people would much rather gift experiences than actual things. Here are a few ideas if you decide to go that direction:

A day of golfing at a course that he never splurges on for himself

Concert tickets

Tickets to his favorite team’s game

A weekend camping with his biffles

Tickets to see a stand-up comedian. This guy is hilarious.

Hope this helps. If you hate all of these, go look at my Christmas gift guide for a few more suggestions!

Anyone have any other thoughts and suggestions? Always looking for new ideas!





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