How to throw the perfect shower








Step 1: Gather together a ton of cute decorations and good food

Step 2: Arrive 2 hours before the shower to set it all up, just perfectly.

Step 3: Cue the rain.

Step 4: Take everything down in about .2 seconds and run inside to hide from the rain.

This past weekend I got to help throw a shower, alongside some incredible and much more organized people than myself, for some of my favorite people. DJ and Alicia are some of our best friends, and are getting married in September. We are so thrilled to be able to share in this special time with them, so we wanted to do what we could to make them feel as special as they are.  Goodman has been best friends with DJ since they played basketball together in high-school, and because of them I have been able to become really close to the loveliest friend, Alicia.

The shower was held at a little chapel on a lake. There were twinkle lights, corn hole, sangria, and mini BBQ sliders. Really everything that you need for a good party. Unfortunately, as soon as everyone finished eating, we had to rush inside before the rain started to pour. We hurried into the little chapel, and munched on key-lime cookies and peanut butter bars while we waited out the rain.

Luckily, after a little while, the rain stopped, and we were all able to emerge for a while. Corn hole was played and kayaks were taken out. We definitely all left full, wet, and happy. It wasn’t conventional, and it wasn’t the dreamy shower that I had envisioned in my head, but it was beautiful, and I really think they felt loved despite the weather.

I am one that likes to have my ducks in a row. I like a clean house, organized meal plan, perfectly decorated rooms, and clean clothes. I don’t really do well with mess, but that is something that I have slowly been breaking of. This shower was somewhat of a mess. The pictures that we hung were soggy by the end of the night, and the little trinkets and flowers were rushed in before the storm. Our “perfect” plan was every bit short of perfect.

However, the shower was still so much fun. There was still laughter. There was still encouragement for the bride and groom to be. And there was joy. 

The unconventional times are the ones that remind us that it isn’t the lights or the decorations that make life for us. It isn’t how pretty something looks, or how organized something is. No, it is the raw, real, relationships that we are a part of. Without them, without the friendships and love, the shower would have been a bust. But because of them, we all played corn hole in the rain, rode on kayaks in dresses, and witnessed the most beautiful rainbow. There isn’t a promise or guarantee that everything will always work out, but there is a guarantee that if we have the right people and relationships beside us in life, things will be that much better along the way.

We love you, Dj & Alicia, and hope you know that we will be right there beside you in the rainstorms that life throws your way. 

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