Finally Friday

This is the first weekend in FOREVER that we will be home for the whole weekend with nothing we have to do. I am so pumped. Usually no plans = the best plans. Probably a lot of sleeping, eating, coffee drinking, Bloodline (show on Netflix in case you don’t know! And if you haven’t, you’ve gotta check it out), and biting my baby’s cheeks.

  1. H&M has home goods! And they are super cute and really affordable. Who knew?
  2. Our favorite candles. Add a little something extra when they’re burning. Let’s just say it crackles.
  3. This is legitimately Faye’s favorite toy. I know I’ve said that before, but I mean it this time. And it is creepy crazy how fast she is on it.
  4. I really love this quote.
  5. Anyone watch “So You Think You Can Dance?” Well, this season it is 8-13 year olds and it’s pretty incredible. Makes me feel real good about what I’ve accomplished so far…
  6. THIS suit.
  7. If you like flowers, you’ll probably need this.
  8. This little bag is perfect. It would be great for produce, a pool bag, or just odds and ends. I think this qualifies as a must have. And only 7 bucks!
  9. Guys, this place is literally called Daydream Island. And that’s exactly what it is.
  10. This is our go-to Spotify playlist. Like literally we listen to it every single day.
  11. We absolutely love this dish! And it is incredibly easy and quick. Try it and let me know how much you like it. Because I promise you will, it’s a crowd pleaser.
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