Finally Friday

I’m at the beach with some of my sweet sisters while my baby is being spoiled rotten with her Mama Lisa and Grandpa. I think we all need times like this to refuel, to miss one another, and to do our own thing. This video is from Wednesday morning when we went to the Farmers Market and splash park. First, why don’t I have a splash park in my backyard? Secondly, how can I get fresh baked muffins EVERY morning? Third, why don’t I live near my mom all the time? I will say though, the distance does make the time we do have together that much sweeter.

Now, here is your list of nonsense for the week!

  1. The Fundamentals of Caring is such a good movie. It’s a Netflix original and they killed it. Definitely more of a date night movie than a family movie night though.
  2. Well these are lovely. Definitely want to try and make these.
  3. This is so tasty. And easy, and doesn’t make you feel guilty when you eat it.
  4. This luggage has me dreaming of so many trips.
  5. The most beautiful spoon rest, and it it under $7. Oh, and did I mention it is from Anthropologie? Yes. It is.
  6. She is incredible. Between her styling, calligraphy, and oil paintings, she does it all. We have a couple of her paintings, and I know they won’t be the last.
  7. The most gorgeous house  at Joshua Tree National Park in California. I’m starting to plan now.
  8. Sweet and simple guide to a few good houseplants. We all know I need all the help I can get with those.
  9. Faye has just started coloring recently. It’s so cute. I think I need to get her this.
  10. I’m convinced that this would help me care for my plants better.
  11. I don’t know how I haven’t found this store before. Let’s just say baskets, clay, wood, and planters. Yes. Everything’s beautiful. Seriously though, I want it all.

Anyway, happy weekending! I’m going to be at the beach all weekend with some of my favorite people and a book in my hand. And maybe a drink in the other 😉

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