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Goodman comes from a family with 11 children. 5 girls and 6 boys. As of right now, 4 of those boys are married, so that makes 9 sisters in total.

Since before I was in the family, the sisters started a tradition of the “Sister’s Trip”. Every summer, everyone gets together and goes to Cocoa beach for a long weekend. There is always amazing food, countless lazy hours on the beach, wine, massages, dancing, and really good conversations. Two of the girls live in the Florida, and the rest of us are here in Atlanta. Even though most of us live pretty close to one another, the busyness of life keeps us from having good intentional time together all that often. Especially all of us together. This gift of uninterrupted time is something that we all look forward to, and really need.

We are all very different people. Some love talking late into the night, and some love snuggling on the couch. Some love numbers, and others love words. Some work, while others are home with children. Some sing, while others run. Some love salty and others love sweet. From the oldest to the youngest, there is a 16 year age difference. What i’m trying to get across to you all is that we are about as different as they come, however we all have this intense desire to love one another. This fierce fight within us to constantly maintain and grow our relationships.


One of the most beautiful things about all of us being so different, is that we all have unique relationships with one another. We all connect in a different way. C.S. Lewis says, “Friendships is born at the moment when one man says to another ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one’.” I know I have experienced this moment with each and every one of those sisters, but with each one, it is in a different way. Some it’s with insecurities, some it’s with marriage or children, while others it’s with goals and dreams. Even some are as little as food preferences or hobbies. But we all connect in some way. We all have ways to feel a little less isolated because of one another.

The reason I love this Sister Trip so much, and the reason why I feel like it is so necessary and important is because it gives us time to have those moments. It opens up space to enter into one another lives on a whole new level. A level that Sunday lunches don’t offer. A level that is only achieved when we are real and intentional with one another. When we sit in the quiet of moments and share our hearts.

The 5 gorgeous original George ladies.

The 5 gorgeous original George ladies.

The lovely ladies that I've entered into this family with. (Missing one sweet in law though!)

The lovely ladies that I’ve entered into this family with. (Missing one sweet in law though!)

You would think that having that many women together in one place would just be drama. And sure, once in awhile there is, but that is never what defines the trip. No, what defines it is the growth and refueling that happens. The way we encourage and challenge one another. The way we love on one another. I am so thankful to have married into a family with so many sisters. I am so thankful to have so many wonderful friends. So many people that I wouldn’t even know otherwise.

The way these women enrich my life is unlike anything else. Yes, we are still like any sisters. We hurt one another, leave people out, cry with one another, and aren’t always as intentional as we should be. It isn’t all lovely and rainbows, but it is real, and because of that it is so so beautiful.

Photos are by the lovely Abigail Peyton. Aka, the fox in the royal blue dress 😉 

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