Finally Friday

This video right here is the moment that I realized my 1 year old could snap. We were waiting for a friend in the store, and while we were waiting, I guess I was snapping along to the music. Next thing I know, she is right there with me. And yes, it makes a snapping noise as well. Trust me, I know this is not normal. I’m pretty sure I didn’t snap until I was 12. Now, enough about that.

Last night Goodman and I went out on a date. We are super exciting, and went for pizza, and then he took me to Target so that we could walk around and I could dream about how I want to decorate our new place. Sorry ladies, he is taken. 😉

So, I have been looking for a rug for our living room for quite some time now. Nothing too fancy, but it has to hide stains well. Some color, but not too bold. Soft, but not shaggy. Not too thick, but not just like a blanket on the floor. Not too expensive, blah, blah, blah. I am so picky about rugs. Anyway, we looked at all the rugs, and I actually found one that I really liked. I decided that once we move I would come back and get that one if I still was in love with it. We then strolled to the outdoor section, and as we were looking at outdoor lanterns, I saw outdoor rugs. I decide to rummage through those, and suddenly I found a normal area rug. One that is soft, not too thick, muted colors, and only $45 dollars! I’m not kidding. It was originally $200 (which still is nothing in the world of rugs, but still), but it was an online only, so when someone returned it to the store they basically decided to give it away. And to me! So, all that to say, I got a new rug last night and I’m a little bit excited. Best date ever.

  1. Well, in honor of hurricane season, I thought I would share what the Farmers have decided to name all of the 2016 hurricanes. And yes, I made the list.
  2. Curl up in this with a good book in this. Yes, what a way to welcome fall.
  3. If you haven’t had Chikfila’s frozen coffee, you are doing yourself a disservice. Trust me, go try it.
  4. I have decided that this is the most underrated game. We absolutely love it. It is a good one to leave out on your coffee table and play a quick game here and there.
  5. If I had these, I am pretty sure I would wear them as more than just slippers…
  6. I love this post about tips to brighter skin. I recently have tried #1 and #2 and have noticed a difference!
  7. Love this IKEA hack. I would definitely want to try this, just maybe stain the legs a darker color.
  8. Some of our very best friends are getting married this weekend, and we couldn’t be happier for them. Weddings are something that will never get old. Feel free to send them a gift if you want 😉
  9. These cases will never disappoint.
  10. Gap, Anthropologie, Madewell, Schoola, and Banana Republic are all having great end of summer/ Labor day sales.
  11. And this song is really good. Prepare to dance.

Happy Friday, enjoy your long weekend!

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