Finally Friday


Remember when I used to have videos every week on here? Yeah, that was fun and cute. Maybe when I get my feet under me I’ll start being cute and fun again.

Anyway, I think September is one of my favorite months. It’s the time of year when the leaves start to change, weather (kind of) starts to cool down, autumn candles are finally acceptable, and everything feels like it’s gearing up for the start of something beautiful. One of my favorite things to do with Faye is to go to the brown bag concert series in the Downtown Square. We went yesterday, and the weather was gorgeous. We snacked, danced, and played in the grass. It was a much needed break from a busy consuming week.

Now it is Friday, finally the weekend. Anyone feel like 4 day weeks feel longer than full weeks sometimes? Well, we have 3 birthday parties this weekend, so I’ll probably be in a sugar coma come Monday, but we’ll see ya then!

  1. Most importantly today, Beauty and the Beast is out of the vault. Seriously, when I saw it on iTunes, I probably bought it within 5 seconds of seeing it.
  2. This shop has the most beautiful vintage prints.
  3. This helps you maintain cleaner skin while you sleep. It literally kills bacteria while you are sleeping. Incredible.
  4. I know I say this all the time, but seriously, this is the best playlist. Give it a listen.
  5. I really love this jacket. It is the perfect transitional piece for Fall!
  6. I’d love to take a trip to NYC over the holidays, and this is really the most stunning hotel.
  7. I haven’t wanted to put a movie on for Faye when we travel, so instead we have resorted to books on CD. She loves them, and they seem to entertain her more than music does. This looks awesome, and this one too.
  8. This would be perfect for school, work, or just because, because it’s so cute.
  9. Try these when you sleep on your neck wrong. Or when your pillow is too fluffy. Or too firm. Or you’re stressed. Or you’re bored.
  10. These lovelies are giving me baby fever! I want another baby just so I have an excuse to get one 😉
  11. I typically don’t like computer cases, but this marble though. I may need this.

Happy Friday! I’m gonna go eat a vegetable or something to pregame for this weekend.


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