What Lake Tahoe taught me

dscf5687Happy Tuesday! As some of you may have noticed, this is my first post in a few weeks. I just took a few weeks off from blogging. It began with the intention of giving myself a 1 week break, in anticipation of what was going to be a very hectic week, but little did I know what all was going to happen during that time. So here I am, 3 weeks later, finally getting back into my seat to write.

I’ve had a couple people ask me why I took a break. Why I stopped writing. Quite honestly, I needed a break, which you can read more about here. I started feeling the pressures of everything pushing down on me, and I knew I would break if I didn’t take a break. I think I was being prepared, mentally and physically with my time, for what was to come. These past few weeks I have never needed time, mental clarity and steadiness so much. At a later time, I will share more details as to what our past month has looked like, but for now I want to just begin to move forward.


In the midst of this month, Goodman and I had a trip planned with my sister and my brother in law. We were going out to SF and then driving over to Lake Tahoe to spend a long weekend for Goodman’s birthday. We felt a little guilty about leaving home in the midst of all the chaos that seemed to be spinning around us, but the flights were booked, we had been anxiously awaiting this trip, and we knew it would be good for us. Good to get away for a few days, reset, refresh, and gain some clear perspective.

Let me tell you this. If you ever need a place to go and just be, Lake Tahoe is it. It is truly one of the most miraculous places I think I’ve ever been. I have never seen water so blue, breathed in air so crisp, and felt so at peace with myself. It was absolutely breathtaking. We stayed in a little cottage pretty much right on the lake. We spent the days kayaking, playing on the beach, eating, reading, exploring, and sitting together. It was the most picturesque weekend.


Sitting there, on that beach, looking out into the vast waters, and tall mountains, really helps to put things into perspective. It really shows you that there is something so much bigger than ourselves out there. It makes you question what you are spending your time doing. Wonder why you worry about the things you do. Be thankful for the things that you do have in you life. Family. Time. Safety.

After everything that happened this past weekend with Hurricane Matthew, I feel such a strong tugging at my heart to stop focusing on the things that don’t matter. There are so many people whose lives have been completely flipped upside down and ripped out from under them. They don’t have the ability to worry about the little things right now, because they don’t know where they are going to live, how they are going to fix that hole in their roof, or what they are going to do for work now that their business is underwater. There are so many opportunities for life to suck. We live in a broken world, and things are going to mess up daily. Why spend time worrying about the things that aren’t broken? The things that don’t ultimately matter.


All of that is so much easier said than done. It is hard to let go of the little things that make me anxious. To give up control when I feel like I’ve got it under control. But, those days spent on the beach, sifting through rocks with my one year old, and talking about books, dreams, and hardships on the beach with my best friends are days that I will remember forever. Days that will shape how I look at the rest of my life. Days that will help me keep perspective as to what is truly important in life. I’m never going to have this perfect and clear perspective. I just can’t. I’m human, and I think I know what’s best.

However, I can begin to take each day, one day at a time, and start the day off with a clear mind, ready to take on what is most important for that day. Ready to be less sensitive. Less anxious. Less fearful. Less controlling. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll begin to have the “Tahoe feeling” on the regular.



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