Finally Friday

This week has been so weird. Faye got sick on Sunday, so pretty much since then we have been home, resting up, in order to get better for our trip this weekend. We did manage to get out for a little movie date at the dollar theatre on Tuesday, and on Wednesday we went to Ikea and got a few goodies, but for the most part we just stayed put.


dsc_0906dsc_0871dsc_0921dsc_0964dsc_0856dsc_0925One of my favorite things about our new house is our backyard. It is so big, flat, and fenced in. Now that the weather is getting cooler, we have been spending most of our evenings out there running, swinging and looking at the dogs over the fence. (Yes, we are creepy. But Faye is obsessed with dogs, so what can we do?) It really has changed our life so much having a space to just walk outside and play. Anyway, we are headed to West Virginia for a wedding this weekend and making a quick stop in DC today on the way. Never been more thankful for a fever and rash free baby.

  1. Guys, the perfect magazine has arrived. Magnolia magazine. And it has a subscription. Merry Christmas to all.
  2. This is Us is the best show I may have ever seen, and it’s only 4 episodes in. Watch it on Tuesdays on NBC, trust me.
  3. We bought this plant about 3 years ago on our first Valentines Day together married. It is called a Peace Lily. This is the longest I have ever kept a plant alive, and trust me, I haven’t done much to do so. It’s a great houseplant that thrives on neglect, and freshens the air.
  4. I have such a hard time knowing how to delicately style bookshelves without them looking cluttered. My sweet friend Laura Godfrey shares her tips on styling
  5. This app is going to change my life. I always want to have printed pictures, but don’t want to take the time to print them/format them. No worries, they will do it for me!
  6. This is the prettiest oil diffuser.
  7. Fun fact, Ikea has very cheap plants and pots.Go buy some, and then even if they die, you didn’t waste a ton of money.
  8. I’m swooning over these dresses for Faye. Now to choose just one. Can I get one in my size?
  9. My new go to at Starbucks is their Sweet Vanilla Cream Cold Brew. It is the perfect amount of sweetness for a little afternoon pick me up.
  10. The most amazing Airbnb rentals in every state. Maybe this should be added to my bucket list?
  11. I didn’t know it was possible to love a suitcase so much.

Happy weekend friends!


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