This past weekend we attended a beautiful wedding up in West Virginia. The leaves were golden and the air was crisp. It was the most picturesque fall weekend. We got to experience true fall, all while seeing family that we love and miss so much! Can’t ask for much more than that.



The closest airport to where the wedding was being held was actually in Washington DC. As soon as I saw that, I began to get really excited and started planning a mini trip out of it. We flew in on Friday morning, explored the city all day, enjoyed the wedding festivities on Saturday, and then went back on Sunday for more sightseeing. I will post more about DC itself next week, but for now I want to share with you all my favorite thing that we did.

Georgetown is a historic neighborhood about 10 minutes north of the city. It is the perfect mix of history and class. The cobblestone streets are lined with the most gorgeous buildings and rich trees. I really couldn’t quite get enough of it. There are shops, restaurants, art galleries. Anything you’d want to see or do, they have it. And I can guarantee you it’s beautiful.




We walked the streets for awhile, did a little window shopping, and escaped the busyness down a side street. We ended up on a tree lined gravel road alongside the canal. It was so stunning. So serene. It felt completely removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, and felt like we were in a city in Europe. After spending awhile throwing rocks and leaves into the water, we decided to meander up the streets and get a snack. My friend told me about a gelato place to try, and it was to die for.  dsc_0406dsc_0392


Dolcezza. The most elegant and sophisticated coffee and gelato spot. We mixed mascarpone and berries with Thai coconut milk, and it was as good as it sounds. We ate, talked, and rested for a little while. After our little pick me up, we headed down to the waterfront park. This park is idyllic. It is right on the Potomac River. It has incredible views, biking paths, a fountain, and ducks to feed.  That was probably Faye’s favorite part.




There was nothing sweeter than walking the streets of such a beautiful neighborhood with my family. There are so many reasons why traveling is hard and inconvenient, especially once you have a child. There are so many variables, and endless opportunities for something or everything to go wrong. However, for me, it’s all worth it. And mainly because of days like these. As long as I get to continue to experience new things with my family, see beautiful places, meet new people, and dream about what could be next, the headache will always be worth it.

I hope that these experiences will help to shape and form Faye to be the person she is going to be. I want her to be rich in culture, knowledge, and relationships. I want her to always have a desire to know more, see more. I want her to know that there is a big big world out there, and it’s up to us to see it to understand it.

All that being said, if you all are ever near DC, definitely take an afternoon and explore Georgetown. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

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