Tahoe Nights

Lake Tahoe || by Nicole George

Today I’m throwing it back to a few weeks ago when we were in Lake Tahoe with my sister and brother in law. It was one of the most incredible and relaxing trips ever. It was a time of rest, and reflection. I wrote a post about the rest of the trip here

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dscf5303As amazing as the trip was, I think my favorite part of it was the the last night we were there. We bundled up, and walked down to the beach to watch the sunset. We skipped rocks, played in the sand, and sipped on our wine. It was the most beautiful setting, and the company wasn’t too shabby either 😉

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After the sun went down, we went up to the fire pit outside of our cottage and roasted S’mores. It was Faye’s first time ever making a s’more, and I think it’s safe to say that she loved them. She may have even skipped out on the cracker a couple times and just had a chocolate and marshmallow s’more. It was so sweet to see her light up with excitement and wonder while doing this. The first time for everything with a little one is always something special.dscf5511 dscf5492 dscf5497 dscf5528 dscf5549 dscf5504 dscf5543 dscf5571 dscf5506 dscf5561 dscf5487 dscf5577

I think one reason I love evenings so much is because it is the time when things start to slow down. It is one of the only times of the day when rest is encouraged, and it is a time to reflect on the day. This was a really good day to reflect on, and I’d say this was the perfect way to do so.dscf5339 dscf5381 dscf5460 dscf5483

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