Finally Friday (Family edition)

So, yesterday was Goodman and I’s anniversary, so I figured I’d tell you guys a little bit more about us and our journey to switch things up a little bit.

  1. We’ve been married for 3 years. I got married when I was 20 and he was 24. 615361_10151825849552881_1403677370_o
  2. We met when I was 18, and the weekend we met, we went on a camping trip together with some friends. I can probably count on one hand how many times he talked to me.


    This was our first picture we ever took together. And by took together, I mean were in together. We barely even knew each other. He had just scaled this waterfall and I tried to do the same to impress him. Didn’t work out like I planned….

  3.  I was pretty obsessed with him as soon as I saw his picture on Facebook after my friend who set us up told me about him, but he waited 4 freaking months to even ask for my number.


    Our first actual picture together. This was the first summer we were dating. Notice his choker 😉

  4. We had a 4 month engagement, and planned a wedding for 250 people in that time. Crazy. Shout out to my sister for basically making our wedding happen.


    The day after we got engaged!

  5. We only lived in the same city for a month before we got married. Before that I lived in Orlando and he lived in Atlanta. We would make that crazy 8 hour drive as often as we could. 1148916_10201851074301489_500850134_n
  6. Since being married we have lived in 3 different homes and have had 10 (almost all part-time) different jobs between the 2 of us.
  7. We got pregnant with Faye after being married 10 months. I had just picked Chikfila up for us for lunch and went straight to the bathroom to take the pregnancy test. As soon as it read positive I went and handed it to him while he was eating lunch… She’s the best surprise we have ever had. 11050720_10206294505544493_713785092299334144_n
  8. Both of us have said that neither one of us were each others “types” but somehow we ended up together, and it’s better than we could’ve imagined. He’s way better than my  “type” 😉 1959797_10205689179971732_1781920599132055013_n
  9. He is probably the most steady and even-keeled person I’ve ever met. I am probably the most spastic person I’ve ever met. We keep life interesting. 994160_10201459206265033_683198543_n
  10. I typically like to think I am pretty independent, so I am always trying to prove that I can do things by myself. I almost always can, but it’s not always done the right way. The other day we bought a light fixture for our dining room, and I was determined to hang it up before he got home from work. Wiring and everything. In the process, I left one wire unhooked to anything because I figured it must be “optional” since I couldn’t find another wire to connect it to. When he got home from work I jumped up and down and showed it to him and asked him if he loved it. Of course he humored me and was really excited with me. We went out for the night, and when we got home the light had fallen…. The next day Jos had to go rehang the fixture and attach all the wires, because apparently none are “optional”. But, I still tell people I hung it up when they come over, and he lets me 😉 This is the most typical Josiah and Nicki story if there ever was one. He lets me be bold and independent, and then comes behind me and picks up the important pieces that I forget. Or just choose to ignore.11205027_10206766514984434_5253305400749188807_n
  11. His dream car would be a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited,  mine would be a Lexus LX470. He would love to hike the Appalachian Trail, while I want to go to Europe for a month. He would eat pizza every night, and I choose cookie dough. He loves beer, I am much more of a wine drinker. He loves silence, and I have a story to fill every quiet moment. His station of choice is NPR, while mine is pop and country. 14192510_10210515707031892_3823053533460621977_n

The quality of so many of these pictures are terrible, but these are some of my most cherished memories. To marry so young, and grow up with a man as good as him, is a real gift. I’m a better woman today because of him. We haven’t had it perfect or easy, but I wouldn’t trade our days together for anything. One day we are going to look back at these pictures, and the season we are in, and think that those were the good old days.

Happy weekending my friends.

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  • Reply Rachel Hebert

    This is the sweetest. I love it!

    November 11, 2016 at 2:11 pm
    • Reply Nicole George

      Thank you so much, Rachel!

      November 21, 2016 at 3:06 pm
  • Reply Lisa Jacob

    You have begun a beautiful life together. You are each better people because of each other and you are both better because of Shiloh 😉

    November 11, 2016 at 9:25 pm
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