Finally Friday

by Nicole George

Happy Friday, folks. This week has had it out to get me. Between school stuff, work, family, sickness, we’ve been ready to throw in the towel a couple times already. Even this morning, when I went to post this, I had it all saved and pretty last night, and then this morning when it posted, it only posted half. It didn’t save the rest, so here I am redoing it. I am determined not to let the week beat us though, so here I sit typing away showing this week who is boss. Anyway, we made it to Friday and all survived. Cheers to the freaking weekend has never sounded so good. 

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  1. Did you know some people in the winter up North actually have these to help get them through the long cold months?
  2. We just started this show on Netflix, and it is so good. Love shows that incorporate drama and history.
  3. I tried this for the first time this week, and it’s crazy how well it actually worked. I was quite a skeptic for awhile.
  4. Mumford, where have you been hiding this song?
  5. This coat. I haven’t bought myself a new coat in awhile, so this one might have to come home to me.
  6. Amazon has a section of handmade items, who knew? This ceramic dish will look perfect on your Thanksgiving table!
  7. Just finished this book, and I loved it. Great for women who need a little inspiration. Fun and easy read too. Win win in my book.
  8. Definitely want to try this on Thursday. What a great keepsake to have for the years to come.
  9. I have been getting really bad headaches lately, and I’m pretty sure it’s due to me never drinking water. Guilty. I am hoping this water bottle helps me fight that bad habit.
  10. Georgia, please snow so that I have a good excuse to get these for Shiloh. Sincerely, Nicole.
  11. I think we all need to stock up on these for the next month. Shiloh’s poor little nose has been so red from all the blowing 🙁

Enjoy your weekend friends! And thanks for following along with me, it means so much.

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