Christmas Cranberries + Popcorn

Christmas Cranberries + Popcorn

This weekend we did all things Christmas. We watched the Nutcracker, went to a German Christmas Market and sipped on hot chocolate. We did a little shopping, and walked around looking at lights. We wrapped presents, baked cookies and danced around to Christmas music. These are some of my favorite ways to spend the weekends leading up to Christmas, because they are so simple, yet allow us all to be together and just enjoy one another’s company. One of my favorite things we did this weekend though was a new tradition that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now. 


We strung cranberries and popcorn to dress our tree. This is something that I have always admired in old movies. I love the character it gives to the tree, and the simplicity of it. So in the spirit of Christmas this year, I decided that we were going to have popcorn and cranberry garland on our tree. Shiloh and I went to Target and gathered all of the supplies: cranberries, popcorn, needles, fishing line.

We made cookies, popped some popcorn, turned on a Christmas movie, and went to stringing. This is something that I think is going to become a tradition around here. Something sweet and intentional that we can do together as a family in spite of the busyness. It made us all sit in one place for awhile and just be together. It was also very rewarding too see the strand continually grow with color and sweetness, and it was so easy. (We didn’t let Shiloh string, since you have to use a needle, but she had fun handing us the berries and popcorn)



  1. Pop your popcorn either the night before, or a few hours before in order for it to be stale. If it is fresh, it will crumble when trying to string it. (If you are short on time, throw it in the freezer, or out in the cold)
  2. I recommend doing this on a blanket, because the cranberries may leak some juice 
  3. Thread a needle with fishing line, about 10 feet long, and tie a knot at the end. 
  4. Starting with a cranberry (the harder ones, not the juicy ones), poke the needle through the end and pull it through to the knot 
  5. Do the same with a piece of popcorn
  6. Repeat in a pattern until you finish. 

If you’ve never done this before, try it. I didn’t do it for so long for fear of it being challenging, but it wasn’t at all. We even did it after our tree was lit and decorated, so it definitely isn’t too late for you either!

What are some of your favorite ways to spend Christmas with your family and favorite things to do to prepare?


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