Blog and Book Launch: The Everyday Simple


To those who have followed by Nicole George, thank you. Thank you for being with me since the beginning. To those of you who are more recent visitors or maybe just stumbled upon this today, I’m so glad you did. My life has changed so much since I created this space, and have loved growing up here. However, I am so excited to be moving towards other things. Pushing myself and trying things I never even knew I wanted to do. This is still the same Nicole, with the same voice and heart, just a different focus. Today I have launched a new blog, and released my first e-book A Quick Guide to Simplify Your Life Today. In honor of the launch, the book is currently free, because I am just so excited to share this with you all!

The Everyday Simple emerged from an idea, more a dream, of everyone living a simpler life. A life more fulfilling and quiet. I want to help people to find their rhythm in the busyness of this thing called life. I want to help people learn how to simplify their lives, so that they can actually enjoy the lives they have. I want to break down barriers between simple and beautiful, expensive and affordable. I want to bring people together, solely with the reason that they have an area in their life that they want to change. Simplify.

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