Hey, thanks for stopping by!

The name is Nicole George. I am 23 years old, married to a stud, and mother to the sweetest little girl. I may or may not be biased. We live in a white house complete with a yellow door just north of Atlanta.

Everyday life is busy. We wake up, make coffee, rush around, come home, make dinner, bathe (if we’re lucky), go to bed, start over again the next day. Life is too busy if you ask me. It is passing us by, and I think we need to do something to stop that. To live in the moment. So that’s what I am striving to do. I want to make the most of what I do have, and live life as simply as I can. I want to erase the excess in order to make room for time.

This is a space where I share how we are doing just that. I have always been one to do my own thing, but I feel like just in the past year, I have been discovering who I truly am, and how I want to live my life. I will be sharing with you guys how I am learning to and discovering ways to live a healthier and more simplistic life.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, and within the home as well.

I know I don’t do life perfect, or even right for that matter, but for now, it works for us, and we are pretty darn happy.

Thanks again for reading, and I hope to get to know each of you as I share this journey with you!