Painting worth between the lines


    Last week I got to do something really special.

    I wouldn’t call myself an artistic person, but something that I have really come to love is crafting. I can’t necessarily make something out of nothing, but if I see something I like I can usually replicate it pretty well. One thing that I have taken to is pallet signs. I love the heavy, rustic look of them, and how they become the center of whatever room they are in. I made one for my husband, the Good Man, for his birthday last year. I painted one of our favorite song lyrics on it and called it a day. When we got married, we chose to put in our room above our bed, and it has become one of my favorite pieces in our home. It makes those white apartment walls not feel so lonely.

    I walk by it everyday. It’s one of the last things I see when I close my eyes and one of the first things I see when I open them. Finally one day it hit me and I thought to myself, “That’s nice!” So, I decided to take a little snapshot and post it on Facebook to see if anyone would be interested in buying one. Within about 10 minutes of posting, I had my first customer. Who would have ever known that someone else would like something that I made.

    Last week a family friend asked if I could make a pallet sign for them. I was excited, but really more nervous. I was afraid that how it would turn out would not be what they had hoped for or imagined, or even that they were not getting their money’s worth. So boy did I take some time on that sign. After many hours, paint stained legs, cramping wrists, and a few touch ups I was finally finished! After standing over it way too long, I did a few more minor fixes and then had to tell myself to let it be. It would never be perfect.

    I met up with the family to give them their sign, and their reaction was better than what I had hoped. They loved it, and I loved being able to bring those smiles to their faces. They didn’t care about the minor imperfections, because that’s what made it theirs. That’s what made it different from every other pallet sign in the world. They then told me that it was going to be going in their dining room, and I immediately felt honored. The dining room is the place where you come together as a family to enjoy one of the most important parts of the day, or where you bring guests to entertain them and make them feel welcomed. In that special room of theirs, they chose my work over anything else. They chose me.

    We all have the potential to do something worth choosing. It probably is something that we wouldn’t consider worthy for someone else, but we have to have the confidence to know that it is. What if all we are supposed to do today is make something to make someone smile? We can make something beautiful. We can be chosen, we just have to see the value in ourselves first.


    The shell of purpose

    noun: purpose; plural noun: purposes
    the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

    verb: purpose; 3rd person present: purposes; past tense: purposed; past participle: purposed; gerund or present participle: purposing

    have as one’s intention or objective.


    According to Webster, this is what purpose means. Why we are here on this earth. What we are supposed to be spending our hours, days, weeks, and years fulfilling. Cool. I think in a broad roundabout sort of way he did a good job putting definition to the word. However, I think the way society has taken and ran with the word has changed our view of it completely.

    When someone asks me what my purpose is, I instantly think of what will be with my career, what I will do on a daily basis to make the world a better place, and what I will have to show for the things that I do choose to do. We make our purpose seem like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, if we work hard enough to get there we will finally reach it. Whether it’s the six figure salary, finally graduating med school so that you can cure cancer, or having children and raising a family, we all have an idea of what our purpose is in life and what we will be once we finally reach our potential and fulfill our purpose. I’m sorry but I don’t like that view. Those are all wonderful things to strive for, and hopefully if those are things you want, you will reach those goals, but I DON’T think that our purpose should be defined by reaching those goals.


    Right now I am in a transitional phase. I recently moved, got married, started back with school, and am now on the job hunt. I feel completely purposeless. It’s funny because all growing up I said that all I wanted to do was to be a wife and a mom. I’ve checked one of those boxes and feel like I have less purpose than a did before I was married. Sweet, so is it all downhill from here? Will I always feel like a waste of space, always looking at people around me in awe of the “purpose” they have in their life? Not if I choose not to.

    I am starting this blog to find my purpose. I want to find my purpose in each and every day. I want to look for what my purpose of the day is. Every morning wake up looking for an opportunity to fulfill that. Some days it may seem more important than others, but the fact is that we have the gift to wake up to a new day each morning, so why not choose to make the most of it? Whether it is redoing a piece of furniture in your home to add warmth and comfort, shopping for a friend’s birthday present to put a smile on their face, studying all day in order to pass the test on Monday, or even helping someone out that needs a hand. We all have purpose in each and every day, and I think that if we look at it as small things to accomplish, we won’t be as overwhelmed by the seemingly insurmountable question of  what is my purpose?